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First-Ever Mandatory Cybersecurity Directive for Oil and Gas Pipelines Signals More Robust Regulations to Come

New cybersecurity requirements for oil and gas pipelines signal important changes to the regulatory landscape for midstream companies. A new security directive from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), effective May 28, 2021, mandates immediate action and ongoing compliance protocols for certain energy companies. The security directive also raises many new questions that companies will need … Continue Reading

Leasing Lawsuits Hit Their Stride Multiple Plaintiffs Seek Orders to Reinstate Federal Oil and Gas Lease Sales

Consistently throughout his presidential campaign, President Biden repeatedly indicated his intention to “ban[] new oil and gas permitting on public lands and waters.”[1] Only one week after taking office, on Jan. 27,  the president issued Executive Order 14008, representing the administration’s first major step toward that goal. Among other provisions, the Executive Order directs the … Continue Reading