Covering energy and environmental law, Pillar and Post will be your “catalog of record” for legal issues as law and policy careen back and forth under the influence of new ideas and enthusiasms. For example, have new legal rules for subsurface trespass and pore space ownership benefitted the country? Cap and trade? Tax policy? Trends in risk allocation in transactions?  Eminent domain rules for energy infrastructure? Carbon storage regulation and incentives?  Carbon and methane offset markets? Enforcement actions and tort suits as substitutes for regulation? Use of environmental laws to block or delay projects? Broader interpretations of environmental laws to achieve policy initiatives? The push for a “greener” economy? Building upon individual applications of law to circumstances, the posts may help readers over time to find answers. Each post will always represent the views of the individual author alone.  We hope they will be thought-provoking. We promise they will be short. After all, who has time for more? The next enthusiasm is already tugging at your sleeve.